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Desktop Application Development

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–°ross-Platform Desktop Development

We will create and implement your application under any OS (Windows, Linux, etc.). At the final development stage, MeralDev's programmers will be involved in the maintenance of this application.

We are ready to compile a competent ToR in accordance with all your requirements. Depending on the goals and objectives, we will develop the necessary application architecture.

The selection of the optimal platform will take our best programmers, because this is one of the many important points.

We Use Latest Technologies in Application

Our team will help you to develop a multifunctional and efficient desktop application using the latest technologies (Java, C #, C ++, C, etc.)

If you need an application that would have access to the clipboard, the file system. An application that could work autonomously online. An application that you could advertise, upload to the market, and then unwind.

Having experience in this specific area, MeralDev specialists will develop an application that you will be happy with, and we will be proud.


How this service works

Step 1

Drawing app prototype

The process of developing an application begins with the creation of a prototype, which help to decide on the basic functionality.

Drawing user interface

The next step is drawing a user interface for user interaction with the software.

Step 2
Step 3

Developing mobile app

After receiving the prototype and developed user interface, our team begins to develop the application

Testing the Application

Upon completion of the entire functional part, it is necessary to test the mobile application for operability

Step 4

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